While US$1,000 a month wouldn’t quite be enough to pay for your rent and living costs in most European countries, you could get by in Russia on just US$150 -200 a month, covering your dorm room, transportation, and laundry, with money left to spare. Tuition fees are also very reasonable, with some courses costing from USD $2,500 to USD $5,000 a year.

A student can deposit complete first-year expenses before/after getting a visa through bank transfer/western union or upon arrival in Russia, except the cost of invitation letter, visa confirmation letter and courier charges. The cost of invitation letter and visa confirmation letter is 400 US$ and courier charge is 100 US$. After getting the admission confirmation letter/acceptance from RECAS you have to send us the cost of invitation letter and courier 500 US$, then we should send you the Original invitation letter and visa confirmation letter through Courier. You can transfer us the payment for invitation and courier through Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer.