Season in Russia

Summer in Russia

Summer is one of most pleasant seasons. This is the period of starting school holidays so many families are planning their vacations in nature, in the countryside, at sea or in the mountains. This time of year has pleasant warm weather. One can enjoy the magnificent taste of a variety of juicy berries through the whole summer. This is the time for ripening of vegetables and other agricultural greenery. Meanwhile, wild animals keep growing their offspring which were born in the spring or beginning of summer.

By the end of the summer, all leaves lose their bright colors and take on dark green and brown tints. This is the time when the grass turns yellow and ripened wheat, rye and barley crop are harvested. During the harvest, forests are full of ripened mushrooms. Summer is the most suitable time for vacations by the sea. A comfortable temperature of water allows full enjoying all the marvels of this time of the year.

Winter in Russia

Winter is the coldest season of the year. By this time all trees have lost their foliage and only conifers remain green. Snow cover is excellent protection against severe frosts. It envelops trees, fields, and houses with charming white covering. Under a white blanket of snow, everything looks majestic and graceful.

This time of year is known for having a biggest and joyful holiday, a celebration of New Year. Its arrival is celebrated at midnight. In Russia, one can celebrate New Year for eight times at once. This caused by the location of the country in eight time zones. Therefore the celebration is kind of traveling from east to west of Russia during eight hours.